Always Talk Directly to Your Agent

The John J. Suppa Insurance Agency prides itself on being able to provide the best service possible to clients. What that means is that, as a client, you will always deal one-on-one with our agency. If it is a question about billing, claims, or any other type of policy update, you can always call the agency directly. We will not refer you to an 800 number and will strive to handle your requests as quickly as possible.

Why Work with an Independent Agent?

You may choose to work with an independent agent for a number of reasons. Perhaps you don’t have the time to shop around with multiple carriers or don’t know where to start. Maybe you just want the advice of a professional. When clients work with the Suppa Agency, we do all of the work for you. We can customize your insurance plan because we have the ability to choose from multiple carriers. Once our plan is implemented, we continue to monitor it to make sure our clients always get the best products, service, and price the insurance marketplace has to offer.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™  I am held to a higher level of competency, ethical standards, and professionalism. I am trained to not look at a singular product or policy but perform an all-encompassing review to ensure all bases are covered. In order to accomplish this, we have developed a four point service plan that will separate us from the competition.  

Our Process

Step 1: We learn about the household, gather information, evaluate the current policies, and make our own recommendations.

Step 2: Then we assist with the implementation of the plan. This includes canceling existing policies, contacting lien holders with updated policy informations, following up to make sure all of the policy documents have been received, and providing further explanation of any additional items.

Step 3: We monitor the existing plan and keep clients apprised of any changes or updates in the market.

Step 4: We work with you and continue to provide top-quality service. Know that you have one person that will handle everything and truly cares about you, your family, your business. Someone who will consistently check in to make sure the plan in place is exceeding the expectations that were set at our first meeting.